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Faisalabad Crime Awareness of Sadar and Batala Colony Police Station Reports

Do You Know Faisalabad Crime Awareness? Chief Crime Report Evidence News (Samuel Razzaq) from Faisalabad 👇👇 In the head office of the highest ranking provincial police officers, Jalil-ul-Qadr district Faisalabad police officers are requested to request the regional report of Police Station Sadar and Police Station Batala Colony. Request for regular reporting on the performance of the reported police stations

The state institutions of the country of Pakistan, especially the Pakistan Army and the Punjab Police, have been deprived of the male children of Faisalabad mothers.

The reason for this is the lightning-fast flood of excesses of drug selling. Who is the first responsible for the mass death of the infinitely mature and dignified scholars of youth?

Of course, the police are a significant and precise supporter of drug trafficking.

Despite frequent and continuous police patrolling day and night, drugs are prevalent.

* is perfect and advanced revelation*

Hearing the painful wail of continuous humiliation and premature death, the concerned institutions have closed their ears.

The police have failed miserably in controlling narcotics

The police have failed miserably in controlling narcotics

The Dolphin Police is working on a body part with such a smelly fistula. This organ must be amputated to save the rest of the body.

The Faisalabad police force was limited to saluting the high-ranking officers only.

Criminals have blown the flags of state order and discipline.

Human lives are seen dying day and night on roads, fields, and garbage heaps under open skies riddled with drug arrows.

  • Arrests without warrants and police raiding the sanctum sanctorum became commonplace.
  • Bread and tea made the police patrol subservient to the capitalists
  • The local people are not ruled by the government but by drug dealers
  • The stars of competence on the shoulders of police officers in Police Station Batala Colony and Police
  • Station Saddar has entirely lost its existence in the darkness of narcotics.

It is typical for the questioner and the accused to be given a time of four o’clock the next day after waiting for several hours.

The one who calls 15 for help is arrested by the police, regardless of whether the fighting party is caught.
95% of calls to the police helpline are delayed complaints

The stars of merit on the shoulders of the stationed officers in the police stations are limited to the glitz
The Dolphin Police commits open (Khulam Kuhla) oppression of ordinary people by trespassing from the limits of their respective police stations day and night.

Illegal head-hunting of the Dolphin Police in the camps and offices of recorded persons during the summer promotes the supremacy of criminals over the public.

If The Police Want!

If The Police Want!

No drug dealer can sell even one cigarette of hashish.

This is conditional, without doubt, rock solid, based on truth and reality, and unwavering to control social evils and crimes, especially drug peddling.

From police sentries to station house officers in Police Station Sadar and Police Station Batala Colony, all sub-districts should be transferred.

All those who have a past and present record of infidelity should be banned from entering for fifteen years.

Or confiscate their services and send them back to the training centers of the Punjab Police.

To start the service from scratch

This act of the Punjab Police will serve as a lesson for the most corrupt police officers and employees.

* One of the leading causes of failure is using mobile phones during patrolling. While Eagle Patrol and Mobile Patrol only require wireless


If they are required to have a mobile phone, UC and mobile patrol should be given official SIMs in each mobile. Whose call history should be noted. Who is obliged to return the official weapon to the liberator on duty off

There are a lot of black sheep in the police department who are the scapegoats of drug dealers who need to be busted.

Drug trafficking has completely engulfed families, tribes, and nations

The present Saddar Police Station and Batala Colony Police Station are synonymous with a campaign novel.

Here, the tyrannical officers have turned the police stations into tyrants

The hands of criminals have reached the pen of the investigating officer

In the police stations, the application is submitted to the office by writing the decision without calling the questioner

Drug dealers have the power to appoint and transfer up to SP level

Drug dealers have the power to appoint and transfer up to SP level

The constable managed to get a recommendation to the CPO to stop his transfer
The large number of prostitutes in these police stations suppresses the small number of believers
The performance of Police Station Sadar Faisalabad could be more effective in complying with the orders of officers and protecting public rights.

The open sale of drugs by drug dealers is the cause of mass death.

It is a tiny thing to find a dead body every day due to drunkenness

There is no doubt about this!

Even if there is a famine of drugs in Faisalabad, you can still find all kinds of medicines within the broad limits of Police Station Batala Colony and Police Station Sadar.

Even dangerous advertisements from the same police station cases show that the accused sell drugs in the same areas.

The standard of oppression is that!

Faisalabad Crime Awareness

The police do not catch the drug dealer, but the drinker
Then, she registers a case of drug trafficking against the drug addict.
Criminals benefit from grouping and mutual antagonism within police stations and are victims of police brutality.

If you have money, Saddar police will implicate your opponents, including their young daughters, in 9c cases.
If you have a lot of wealth, surely your mother, father, and brother can also sell drugs.
There are also drug dealers who have challenged the police that we will not stop drug dealing.

The cop is against the cop and the drug dealer’s friend

The cop is against the cop and the drug dealer's friend

  • 1000 or 1500 per month to a general constable
  • And ASI co rates are fixed up to 5000

The Eagle Patrol of Thana Sadar colludes with the drug dealers by reporting crimes and propagandizing against the journalists rather than arresting the drug dealers.

And fulfilling the orders of the lowest people in society is considered the first duty.

Just like officers who carry illegal SIMs in small keypad mobiles to communicate with drug dealers.

So that their haram earnings cannot be stopped

Sadar Police Station and Batala Colony Police Station are the abode of notorious drug traffickers and convicted drug traffickers.

We can say that ❗

The supply line of all types of drugs in Faisalabad district and Faisalabad Crime Awareness surrounding areas originates from these areas.
Enemy elements of the country who are occupying and ruling over the mountains and fields of drugs are an eternal and hereditary property.

The same elements are here outwardly modest but inwardly strong and vastly established.
The tensions in the police stations related to the residents are used by the intelligence and wisdom of many traitorous government pawns to stop the flow of wealth and exploit them as valuable workers.
A few local races, treacherous, bloodthirsty, strong dogs, sell the enemies of the country’s progress and prosperity across the border, selling painful death in the form of drugs to their own country, nation, and future generation in a very proud manner.

Similarly, deploying government pawns in the respective police stations does not prevent this most heinous act. Still, it serves to set the feet of the merchants of death on the rock as government pawns mumido jalis (deputies and companions) in the prison of their lust.

Thana Sadr and Batala area of Faisalabad is ready and unparalleled in flamboyance and zar-e-dum kham (strength and power of wealth).

Apart from this, political circles and political personalities also have a favorable opinion.

Along with this, there are hidden and hidden piles of legal and illegal investments.
Some of the wealth of the drug trade is also used to pay for the most corrupt politicians so that these dirty political worms of the smoke can continue to give air to keep the merchants of death alive.
Such corrupt politicians are a source of shame and pity for patriotic political figures.
This is clear and reliable.

Many dutiful officers in the police department have reserved their self and conscience for brokering drug dealers or for the charan seva of sahib-e-hist (dear) and corrupt political figures.
Many vagrants and miscreants in the society like to call themselves panchayat badna (decider in four panchas) by giving a mystic color to the cloak of capitalism that is sitting on the heights of drug lords with the help of the police.

It is a pity that the routine of the concerned police to stop and feed on the same few dirty insects’ tents every day is proof of the local people’s attention towards the same.
While the justice-loving elders are seen crying day and night about the current condition of the generations and the government’s performance.

Thana Saddar and Thana Batala Colony Faisalabad Crime Awareness

Thana Saddar and Thana Batala Colony

There is an increase in the investment of the oppressors sitting on the holy seats in the institutions related to the excess of drug trafficking and other severe social crimes.
In all these cases, recommendations and money help make or stop the change order from the police station president and the president.

Mumtaz Ali SP Iqbal Town took care of the police stations under him
There is no doubt that it takes hard work and a lot of time to earn the respect and dignity of the police in the eyes of the public.

The police are no less than “local terrorists” in the eyes of the public
A request from the chief police officers and the judiciary!
That it is the duty to keep a close watch on the severe crimes of the treacherous Haram-eating police officers and constables.

So that their misdeeds and criminality are not the cause of regret for the “Uttam Purush” police officers.
And every other third day, their duty position should be changed

To reduce crimes, especially drug trafficking

To reduce crimes, especially drug trafficking

Faisalabad Crime Awareness And local people should be free from the fear of police and drug dealers

And treat the police with dignity and respect

Along with this, the quality of police recruitment should also be improved so that the police can be the cause of peace and prosperity.

Not that of Abri and bad omens


Faisalabad Crime Awareness & Answer these questions yourself now

  1. What is the main issue addressed in the article?
  2. Why is drug trafficking a significant concern for Faisalabad?
  3. What is the role of Dolphin Police in this scenario?
  4. How has the performance of Police Station Sadar been described?
  5. What are the proposed solutions to improve the situation?
  6. What measures can be taken to hold police officers accountable?
  7. How can the recruitment process be enhanced?
  8. What steps can be taken to build trust between the police and the community?
  9. What are the key recommendations for reforming the police force?
  10. What is the overall message the article conveys regarding the state of law enforcement in Faisalabad?


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