Iraq wedding groom, bride speak out after deadly inferno

Iraq wedding groom, bride speak out after deadly inferno: ‘We are dead inside’

Iraq wedding groom, bride speak out after deadly inferno: ‘We are dead inside’ A wedding in Iraq turned into hell. The Red Crescent organization said more than 450 people died in the fire at the celebration. Fireworks could have been the cause of the tragedy.

The death toll could reach 450 people

There were no signs of tragedy. Tuesday evening, guests gathered for the wedding of the couple Khanin and Revan… For reasons unknown at the time, a fire broke out in the ceremony hall. According to local police, about a thousand guests attended the wedding.

There was varying information about the number of casualties and injuries: according to the Iraqi police, more than 100 people were killed at a wedding reception in the Hamdaniya region, another 150 were injured, while the Red Crescent organization said that there could be 450 dead. Among them were children.

More than 90 people dead after Iraq wedding erupts in fire

The bride and groom from the “burnt down” wedding in Iraq were seen among the survivors

Survivors said the fire, which engulfed the hall within seconds, was caused by fireworks set off inside the hall before the bride and groom slow danced.

“It wasn’t a wedding. It was hell,” Maryam Khedr cried in dismay as she waited for authorities to return the bodies of her 27-year-old daughter, Rana Yaqub, and three young grandchildren, the youngest of whom was just 8 months old.

The video is truly terrifying: Newlyweds slowly dance in a hall moments before fire engulfs a large hall in a Christian city. At some point, Khanin turns around in horror and sees flames quickly rising along the walls, and then burning material falling from the roof.

Chaos ensues as up to 900 panicked guests rush for the exits as the hall fills with flames and toxic smoke within seconds. Survivors said many remained in the burning building because they could not see through the black smoke.

Nineveh provincial deputy governor Hassan al-Allaf said 113 people had been confirmed dead, while the head of the province’s Red Crescent branch said the death toll was not final but “it exceeds hundreds of wounded and dozens of dead.”

“I lost my daughter, her husband and their three-year-old child. My heart is burning,” said a woman near the morgue, where bodies lay in bags and cars came to pick up those identified.

A man named Yusef stood nearby with burns on his hands and face. He said he didn’t see anything when the fire started and the power went out. He grabbed his three-year-old grandson and managed to get out. Unfortunately, his wife was trapped and died.

A man injured in the fire confirmed from his hospital bed: “They lit fireworks. He hit the ceiling, which caught fire. The whole hall caught fire in a matter of seconds.”

The Iraqi Civil Defense Department reported that the fire in the building spread very quickly. “The situation was aggravated by the release of toxic gases associated with the combustion of flammable Ecobond plastic panels,” Rudaw quoted the department as saying.

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At least nine people Iraq wedding who were responsible for holding events in the banquet hall were detained. The owner of the premises fled to the territory of the Kurdish autonomy after reports of a fire; Iraqi security services are making every effort to arrest him.

What happened to the newlyweds is also unknown. According to some sources, they died. According to other sources, they managed to escape. One of the relatives of the young people said: “We miraculously left this place. Among the survivors were the bride and groom. I was just with them, and their psychological state was very difficult. I took several wounded people to the hospital. It’s hard to describe what I saw in the hospital.”

Safety standards in Iraq’s construction and transport sectors are often ignored, The Guardian explains. The country, whose infrastructure is in disrepair after decades of conflict, is regularly the scene of deadly fires and accidents.

By the way, the fire started while the bride and groom were performing a slow dance. At first it was reported that both survived, but suffered burns. Some time later, sad news came from a local health care representative: the newly-made couple had died.

Eyewitnesses shared with the press the details of what happened. “We saw pulsating fire coming out of the hall. Many are simply stuck indoors. Those who got out were broken,” said one of the guests.

Among the survivors was a 17-year-old teenager. The terrible picture of the fire is still before his eyes. “We didn’t see anything. We were suffocating and couldn’t get out,” he recalled about the difficult moments.

At this time, all the victims have been distributed to nearby hospitals. Caring people donate blood to help them in some way.

Iraq wedding fire: What we know about Qaraqosh blaze

Where did it happen?

It ripped through al-Haitham Hall, which is a huge event facility that is situated on the outskirts of the town of Qaraqosh, which is located in the north. It is located around 15 kilometers (9 miles) to the south-east of the city of Mosul and is the primary center of the al-Hamdaniya district. Another name for it is Bakhdida.

Before the Sunni Muslim terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) took control of it in 2014, Qaraqosh was the largest Christian town in Iraq, with a population of over 50,000 people, the majority of whom were Assyrians. Prior to this, the town was known as Qaraqosh. The town is currently in the process of being rebuilt, and it is estimated that around half of its population have returned.

How did the blaze start?

The fire was said to have originated between the hours of 22:00 and 22:45 local time (19:00 and 19:45 GMT), according to witnesses, when multiple fireworks were detonated during the wedding ceremony. Investigators are now attempting to determine what caused the fire.

There were between one thousand and one hundred guests. Rudaw, an Iraqi Kurdish news agency, quoted one guy as saying that everything was going swimmingly during the wedding.

“One of the fireworks went off as we were doing the slow dance, and it struck the ceiling. The ceiling suddenly caught fire, and the flames quickly spread throughout the building since it was constructed entirely of sandwich panels, vinyl sheets, and fabric.

Everything caught fire and began to fall on top of people’s heads as it happened. No one was able to make it out of there.”

While the bride and groom were dancing, Rania Waad, a 17-year-old girl, who was injured on the hand, also told the AFP news agency that “the fireworks started to climb to the ceiling [and] the whole hall went up in flames.”

A video that was uploaded on the internet seemed to show four big fountain fireworks being let off inside the hall, where a large number of people were seated at long tables and loud music was playing. After a few moments, a massive ceiling ornament that was adorned with tassels and lights was consumed by fire, and cries could be heard throughout the building.

Another piece of video, shot from a different vantage point, allegedly shows the bride and groom as well as other guests attempting to avoid flaming debris that is falling into the dancefloor.

The electricity went out not long after that, making it impossible to see anything and harder to leave the building.

What do we know about the victims?

On Thursday, the health directorate of Nineveh revealed that 98 persons had been positively identified as having passed away.

A friend of the couple told AFP on Thursday that the bride and groom both survived the fire, despite the fact that both of them received minor burns and lost close relatives in the blaze.

“The bride suffered the loss of her whole family, which included her three brothers, all of her uncles, and her young cousins. “The bridegroom has been bereaved of his mother,” Jamil al-Jamil said.

According to the anonymous survivor who was interviewed by Rudaw, he had more than 20 relatives attend the wedding, and some of them were among those who were slain.

Three days of national mourning have been declared for the victims

“I have a buddy whose whole family passed away unexpectedly. Everyone in his family, including his children, his mother, and his wife. “Many entire families were taken,” he went on to say. “It’s a human catastrophe, it’s an extermination.”

Iraq wedding  Mariam Khedr told the Reuters news agency that she was waiting for authorities to return the remains of her 27-year-old daughter, Rana Yakoub, and her three grandkids at a nearby morgue. She said that she was waiting for the bodies of her daughter and three grandsons.

Another guy who was burnt on his hands and face told that he was able to rescue his grandson, who was three years old, but that his wife, Bashra Mansour, who was in her 50s, collapsed while attempting to escape the fire and perished. The man added that he was able to save his grandson.

The incident caused more than one hundred persons to sustain injuries, the majority of which were severe burns.

“The majority of them were completely burned, and some others had 50 to 60% of their bodies burned,” an official from the health department in Nineveh province told Rudaw. Ahmed Dubardani. “The vast majority of them were not in particularly good condition.”

What have investigators said?

The authorities said that based on the early information they have, it seems that the fire was ignited by fireworks.

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), which is administered by the government of Iraq, the Civil Defense Directorate said that the hall violated safety requirements by being coated with extremely flammable metal composite panels, which are also known as sandwich panels.

“The fire led to the collapse of parts of the hall as a result of the use of highly flammable, low-cost building materials that collapse within minutes when a fire breaks out,” the directorate stated.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry named Maj. Gen. Saad Maan said on X, which was previously known as Twitter, that the fire spread extremely rapidly and was made worse by the emission of hazardous chemicals connected to the burning of the composite panels, which included plastic. Saad Maan is a member of the rank of general.

When a fire Iraq wedding  broke out in June of 2017, 72 people lost their lives as a consequence of the Grenfell Tower in London having composite panels made from plastic and aluminum put on the exterior of the building. These panels were accused for aiding the flames spread.

Arnold Tarling, a fire safety specialist from the United Kingdom, was quoted saying the following to the BBC: “There should be ‘firebreaks’ in the ceiling and floor.” Combustible materials, particularly those used for wedding decorations, should be avoided.

He continued by saying, “These kinds of fires are completely avoidable in every way.” Fireworks are often brought to occasions of this kind, but nobody ever gives it any thought.

How have authorities responded?

Iraq wedding  According to the ministry of the interior, security officials have taken into custody 10 members of the venue’s personnel, the owner of the venue, and three individuals who were engaged in lighting off the fireworks.

The Prime Minister of al-Sudani has said that an investigating commission would “investigate and elucidate the accident’s circumstances, pinpoint the causes, and identify any areas of negligence” He has urged that “the toughest punishments permitted by law for those responsible for negligence or failings that led to this tragic fire” be handed out.

In addition to this, he has given orders to all of the necessary agencies to step up their building inspections and check the safety procedures at all of the restaurants, retail centers, and convention centers.

Because Iraq has been plagued for decades by bad management and corruption, safety regulations are sometimes only partially adhered to in the country.

Iraq Map Iraq wedding Hall

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