PassFab iPhone Unlocker Windows & Mac User Reviews

PassFab iPhone Unlocker Windows & Mac User Reviews [2023]

Welcome to PassFab iPhone Unlocker Windows & Mac User Reviews [2023] Often, we overlook the vast repository of information stored in our smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. When access is blocked due to a forgotten password or lost codes, the device becomes a complex amalgamation of hardware and synthetic materials. Urgent measures are required to regain entry. But what steps should one take?

For achieving these specific purposes, Unlocker Review PassFab is the tool you need. It’s a straightforward process: download, install, and run it on your computer. Then, meticulously follow a series of steps to successfully restore access.

What Is The Purpose Of The Passfab Iphone Unlocker Utility?

PassFab iPhone Unlocker: Your Trusted iPhone Access Solution For those grappling with forgotten iPhone passwords, PassFab stands as the ultimate assistant. With simplicity at its core, our program seamlessly guides you through the process. Whether facing a locked, disabled, or damaged screen, you can trust us to restore access to all your content in just a few clicks.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker Windows

Reviews About Passfab Activation Unlocker Password

With this specialized program, you can securely remove an Apple ID from various devices even if the password is unknown. Additionally, it grants you the ability to bypass locked screens on used devices, providing a comprehensive solution for device access.

Icloud Activation Lock

The utility supports these systems and devices:

  • iPhone from 5th generation and newer;
  • iPad from the first version;
  • iPod Classic and later;
  • iTunes all versions;
  • iOS System.

Unlocking your iPhone requires a computer; specifically, a PC or laptop with the necessary software installed.

Both Mac OS and Windows are suitable as an operating system , starting from Windows XP and higher.

The PassFab iPhone Unlocker utility can unlock your iPhone and resolve various issues related to iOS device access.

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Use Passfab Activation Unlocker

We provide assistance in the following scenarios:

  • forgot the password to access your iPhone, iPad or iPod after making recent changes;
  • you need to bypass the screen password, which is unknown to you, if it was accidentally set by children, or friends decided to play a joke;
  • the number of password entry attempts was exceeded and access could not be restored using iTunes;
  • this is a used phone that has been locked using a 4 or 6-digit password, Face ID or Touch ID;
  • there is a need to remove iCloud from your device, but you do not have a password for this;
  • you need to erase all personal information, but the screen is broken and it is physically impossible to enter the password;
  • other similar situations when access to iOS is blocked.

If you’re unsure about unlocking your iPhone using iTunes, or if this method is unsuccessful, the PassFab utility can offer a solution.

With the software, you have the capability to:

  • unlock Apple ID;
  • completely remove the Apple ID from the device, if necessary;
  • remove the time password on the iOS device screen;
  • bypass MDM (mobile device management).

Now, let’s explore how to unlock an iPhone without a password and understand the functionality of the iPhone Unlocker utility in such scenarios.

Unlocking The Screen Of Your Device

To unlock a locked iPhone or other device running the iOS mobile operating system, follow these steps:

When starting up or rebooting the device, installing updates, resetting data, or modifying password settings, you may be asked to enter the current access code. However, there are situations where the password is lost or unknown. How can an iPhone or other iOS device be unlocked?

Begin by downloading Unlocker from the official website to your computer.

Install and launch the program following simple step-by-step instructions.

Once installed on your computer, proceed as per the following instructions to unlock the screen on a locked iOS device.

  • Launch the utility. The main menu contains several basic options. This includes removing the lock password, the ability to remove Apple ID, and bypassing MDM. First you need to click on the option to remove the lock password, and then proceed to the next step.
  • Connect your iOS device. Once in the next window, there will be a “Start” button. Here you need to connect your device that needs to be restored to the computer via a cord. After connecting, click on the “Start” button. If for some reason the connection fails, use the prompts of the program itself. This way you can enter your smartphone into recovery mode, or DFU.
  • Download the firmware package and save it. Select a path on your computer to save the file. Then you need to click on the “Download” button. This will start the process of downloading the firmware package. If the Internet speed is fast enough, it will take just a few minutes to download. It also happens that the download fails. Then you can do things differently. Simply click on “Copy”, which will allow you to download the package using your browser. If a firmware package has already been downloaded to your computer, click on “Select”. This will allow you to import files into the program and continue working on restoring access.
  • Remove the password. Once the download is complete, click on the “Unlock” option, which will remove the lock password.

“You can now operate the device without needing to input a password. It’s advisable to promptly create and set a new access code or utilize Touch ID and Face ID. The choice is yours.

Regaining Access to Your Apple ID Account

PassFab iPhone Unlocker Windows & Mac

At times, iOS device users encounter a situation where the device prompts for login credentials of a previously established Apple ID account. However, the user may not be entirely certain about the accuracy of the provided data, or they might have simply forgotten it.

In such cases, PassFab iPhone proves invaluable once again. This tool also assists in situations where unlocking your account is necessary but without the access password.

To proceed, follow these concise instructions.”

  • Launch the program. Once you open the main menu, here you will see the “Unlock Apple ID” option. Just click on it with your mouse.
  • Connect your device. Next, you need to connect your locked gadget to your computer. This could be an Apple smartphone or a tablet. Some users connect the device to the computer for the first time and the device may have screen lock settings. In this situation, you will have to first unlock the gadget, then click on the “Trust” button on the device, and then re-enter the screen lock password. This will allow full access to the computer connection. Here PassFab iPhone Unlocker will give you all the necessary tips.
  • Bypass accounts. If the connection to the computer is successful, then the “Start” option will appear on the program screen. Click on it to begin the process of unlocking your account. This is done for both Apple ID and iCloud where the account was created. But then 2 situations are possible.
  • Find My Phone feature is disabled. This is a more desirable option for many. If this feature is disabled, then PassFab iPhone Unlocker will be able to immediately start the unlocking process when it detects the account. The big advantage is that all data is saved on the gadget. You need to wait until the account is deleted on the device. To do this, wait for the corresponding notification in the program window. After deleting, you can create a new entry and log in using these data.
  • The search function is activated. If so, then you will first have to reset all settings on the device. Then the device will reboot automatically and PassFab iPhone will guide you through the process of unlocking accounts. To reset, you will need to open Settings, then go to General and click on Reset. There tap on “Reset all settings”. You may have to enter a screen lock password. And then the reset process will begin. Don’t worry about the Gallery as your media files and other data are saved.

Alternative To Passfab Activation Unlocker Bypass Activation Lock

It’s crucial to understand that once an account is deleted, re-registration on your device is not possible. This means you’ll need to establish a new account or set up an alternative one. While this process may seem straightforward, it’s important to be aware of its implications. PassFab iPhone Unlocker was designed with this purpose in mind – providing you with secure access control.

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind:

  • During the entire process of working with the utility, you need to leave the device connected to the computer;
  • if the iOS device has a version lower than 10.2, if the Apple ID is bypassed, the data is still passcode saved;
  • if this is an iOS version of 11.4 and higher and the gadget is not activated, then the unlocking process through Unlocker will not work.

Best Alternative To Passfab Iphone Unlock Tool

Device Not Supported: Please note that if a notification appears stating that the device is not supported, you may need to explore alternative solutions.


  • User-Friendly Interface: PassFab iPhone Unlocker is known for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users of all levels of technical expertise.
  • High Success Rate: It boasts a high success rate in unlocking iPhones, providing a reliable solution for those facing lock-related issues.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: PassFab iPhone Unlocker works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac platforms, offering flexibility to a wider range of users.
  • Swift Unlocking Process: Users often report that the unlocking process is quick and efficient, saving them valuable time.
  • Excellent Customer Support: The company offers strong customer support, assisting users with any queries or concerns they may have during the unlocking process.


  • Paid Software: Some users may find the cost of PassFab iPhone Unlocker to be a drawback, especially when there are free alternatives available.
  • Limited Trial Version: The trial version of PassFab iPhone Unlocker has limited functionality, which may make it difficult for users to fully evaluate the software before purchasing.
  • Risk of Data Loss: While the software is designed to unlock iPhones without data loss, there is still a small risk involved, which can be a concern for users with sensitive information on their devices.
  • Compatibility Issues with Older Devices: PassFab iPhone Unlocker may not work as effectively on older iPhone models, potentially limiting its usefulness for some users.
  • Dependent on Internet Connection: An internet connection is required to download and verify the unlocking firmware, which may be an inconvenience for users with limited or no access to the internet.

Bypassing Mobile Device Management (MDM): Tenorshare Activation Unlock

In certain cases, you may require assistance with bypassing Mobile Device Management (MDM) restrictions.

We cannot rule out a scenario in which the user would need to bypass mobile device management. The PassFab iPhone Unlocker utility can also provide all possible assistance in bypassing MDM. Simply follow the provided instructions.

The series of steps is as follows:

  • launch the program, and in the main menu select the “Bypass Mobile Device Management ” option;
  • connect the device to the computer;
  • The “Start crawl” menu will appear, which you should click on;
  • start the process;
  • wait for it to complete.

Rest assured, no additional steps are needed from your end. Please keep in mind that the bypass process may take some time due to its intricate nature. Your patience is appreciated. Trust that the program will handle everything on your behalf.

Now that you’re familiar with the PassFab iPhone Unlocker utility and its functionality, head over to the official website for the download and installation process. Its value can be unpredictable, as it may prove invaluable at any time.

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