Perseverance Rover Was The First To Produce Breathable Oxygen On Mars

Perseverance rover was the first to produce breathable oxygen on Mars

Perseverance Rover Was The First To Produce Breathable Oxygen On Mars. NASA’s Perseverance rover smogwill “squeeze” breathable oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. The microwave-sized device produced 122 grams of valuable material. This amount is enough to keep an astronaut alive for three hours.

Somewhere Elon Musk is alone rejoicing.

The rover manufactured the required element using its Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) device. It generates oxygen by converting carbon dioxide. True, the process is very long – the first batch took two years.

produce breathable oxygen on Mars

MOXIE lowers into Perseverance chassis, 2019. Photo: NASA

The mechanism works this way: Produce Breathable Oxygen On Mars first carbon dioxide is collected, then oxygen atoms are separated from CO2 and tested for purity. After this, those suitable for breathing are placed in a special capsule, and the remains are released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon monoxide. It is noted that this device is also suitable for the production of rocket fuel.

We now have technology that can turn local resources into useful products for future exploration missions.

Trudy Cortez

Director of the Space Technology Management Directorate (STMD) at NASA

Given that the atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide, there will be no shortage of derived material. But we need to look for ways to speed up the process. And this is not the only problem on the way to conquering the planet. Severe cold on it (the average temperature is -62 ° C) can quickly freeze a person without a spacesuit, and at the same time low atmospheric pressure boils blood in his veins. Also, do not forget about the high level of carcinogenic radiation.

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