Review and Reviews of the iTop VPN Review 2023 Service

Review and Reviews of the iTop VPN 2023 Service

Review Itop VPN Service is the flagship product from the company of the same name iTop Inc. The service has been operating since 2016 and is legally registered in Hong Kong. At the same time, it actively interacts with users from other regions of the world, including clients from the Russian Federation and Belarus. The project team actively cooperates with IOBit developers, therefore offering a whole galaxy of useful tools for Webmasters.

The current audience of the iTop VPN VPN service (according to the company itself) exceeds 20 million people; the network of servers is built on the basis of more than 1,800 nodes located in 100+ locations. iTop VPN has a free version, which has a traffic limit that is updated daily and works in 6 locations to choose from (based on 16 separate servers for the best stability).

So far, only Windows, Mac and iOS are considered as the main platforms for the VPN service (the letter “i” at the beginning clearly hints at priority in favor of Apple devices). The Android client can be downloaded directly from the official Telegram channel or found on Google Play. The Android app is not mentioned anywhere on the main website yet.

VIP access from Russia can be paid using a QIWI wallet.

Functionality of iTop VPN Review – service capabilities 2023

Like many other major VPN providers , iTop VPN boasts a large network of servers and abundant geo-coverage. Premium users receive completely unlimited traffic and many other important features.

Review and Reviews of the iTop VPN Review

Itop VPN Features

iTop VPN will help you cope with the following types of tasks:

  • Guaranteed access to a wide range of Western streaming services (due to special caching VPN servers).
  • Access to blocked online games and certain locations/markets.
  • Bypassing regional blocking of sites and web services.
  • Downloading content and applications.
  • Downloading and distribution using peer-to-peer networks (torrents).
  • Automatic blocking of ads and ad trackers, phishing sites (built-in AdBlock is available in desktop clients and in the iOS application).
  • Organizing private chats and viewing 18+ content.
  • Protecting traffic on public networks (for example, when connecting via public Wi-Fi networks).
  • Hide real location.
  • And so on.

This is a truly reliable and functional VPN service.

The main features of iTop VPN app include:

  • Military standard encryption.
  • Split tunneling for specific applications or sites (implemented in whitelist or blacklist format, option not available for iOS devices).
  • Free connection without registration required (no need to create an account to test the application and explore the capabilities of the VPN client).
  • IPv6 support.
  • Kill Switch (emergency shutdown when the VPN connection is lost), works also on Android and iOS gadgets.
  • Protection against DNS leaks.
  • Built-in tools to enhance security (clearing browser history, disabling dangerous operating system options, etc.).
  • Connect to VPN with static or dynamic addresses.
  • Dedicated servers for working with streaming platforms, torrents, social networks, adult sites, online games, etc.
  • Automatic selection of the best locations and automatic connection at start according to your rules.
  • Switching between data transfer protocols: UDP, TCP and HTTPS.
  • Display important notifications, for example, about an overloaded server, about an attempt to use a P2P connection in the wrong location, about the detection of antiviruses with which conflicts are possible, etc.
  • Display of the iTop VPN mini floating block (for quickly enabling/disabling and for assessing speed).

Review and Reviews of the iTop VPN Review 2023

Currently iTop VPN does not have the following options:

  • MultiHop (forwarding VPN tunnels sequentially through several locations/VPN tunnels).
  • Detection of personal data leaks (the service is implemented not within the VPN, but on the basis of one of the related products – in a password manager).
  • Virus protection.

In addition to the VPN service itself, iTop offers a number of related products and services:

  • iTop PDF (DPF editor with a freemium model).
  • DualSafe Password Manager (password manager).
  • iTop Screen Recorder (a tool for recording video from your desktop).
  • iTop Data Recovery (a tool for recovering deleted files).
  • iTop Private Browser (private browser with built-in VPN based on Chromium).
  • iTop Data Protector (file and directory encryption tool).
  • Smart Game Booster (PC game accelerator).
  • IOTransfer (a utility for exchanging data between different devices).
  • iTop Screenshot (free screenshot maker).
  • iTop Easy Desktop (Windows desktop organizer with built-in AI chatbot).

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Convenience of the control panel Use Itop VPN Safe Windows App

The online account, organized on the official website, has a minimum of options. Its main task is to manage subscriptions and licenses and track payment history. The personal account interface looks like this:

Here you can also find links to the support section and a tool for deleting your account.

Much more interesting and important is the VPN client interface. This is what the control panel looks like for Windows operating systems.

iTop VPN Review Cheapest VPN Available

To start using the program, just click the “Hide me” button and wait for the connection. Everything is as simple and clear as possible.

In a couple of clicks, you can change the location and protocol option (note, here by protocol we mean network standards, not different VPN connection options): TCP, UDP, HTTPS.

The top right menu contains everything related directly to the program: login/logout for accounts, checking for updates, feedback, about the program, general settings (autostart, autoconnection, notifications, minimizing to tray, protocols, etc.).

The left side menu contains:

  • Links to a general list of VPN servers/locations.
  • Links to specialized servers for different tasks (downloading, streaming, social networks, games).
  • Links to the most important tools for enhancing security (browser privacy management, general security enhancements, VPN options, IP address settings and quick access to elements for various topics/web resources).

This is what the privacy settings section looks like:

And this is quick access to the necessary thematic tools:

Many of the options are available in the free version of the VPN.

Please note that logging into your account to use the VPN client is optional.

Protection Methods Used Download And Use Itop VPN Worth

Asymmetric encryption is always the main protection for VPN tunnels. iTop VPN uses the popular (and time-tested) algorithm – ChaCha20. It features high performance and good resistance to potential brute force attacks.

You can change the protocol type used to transfer data:

  • TCP (TCP/IP stack transport protocol).
  • UDP (faster, but less reliable protocol in terms of connection stability).
  • HTTPS (secure protocol for interaction with websites, available only for desktop clients).

The original development is used as a VPN protocol (without reference to such popular solutions as OpenVPN or WireGuard).

Additional protection options available from iTop VPN are:

  • Protection against DNS leaks (you can manually change the DNS provider to your own option or to one of the options offered in the settings).
  • Kill Switch (emergency shutdown).
  • Split tunneling (available on both desktop clients and the Android version).
  • Manual and automatic management of browser privacy settings (almost all popular browsers based on Chromium and Firefox are supported).
  • Strengthening security by changing some system settings (disabling remote assistance and some other Windows components that are dangerous to privacy).
  • In the Android version, the application can be added to the list of exceptions running in the background to ensure continuous protection.

Supported Platforms Experience With Itop VPN Servers

iTop VPN currently offers support for the following operating systems:

  • Windows (from version 7 and higher, up to the most current version 11),
  • macOS (version 10.15 and higher, but only direct download and manual installation),
  • Android (the installation package can be found in the official Telegram channel iTop and on Google Play ; there is no information about the application on the official website yet),
  • iOS (version 12.2 and higher).

All applications have been translated into several dozen languages. Russian support is always present out of the box.

Linux distributions or connections via open source VPN clients (WireGuard, OpenVPN, etc.) are not supported. Accordingly, it is not yet possible to connect devices such as routers or game consoles to iTop VPN.


iTop VPN has a good network coverage:

  • 1800+ servers for premium users.
  • More than a dozen servers for free users.
  • 100+ locations for VIP subscribers.
  • Less than 10 locations for free subscribers.

The free connection option will include such locations as: Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, USA and Australia.

We have VIP servers in such “difficult” countries for VPN as Russia and Saudi Arabia. There are no servers in Iraq or China (you can use Singapore instead of Chinese IPs).

Special servers for streaming platforms are presented in different locations, but not all regional libraries are supported:

  • Disney+ (USA),
  • Netflix (USA),
  • Hulu (USA)
  • HBO (USA),
  • Paramount+ (USA).

It’s important to say here that iTop VPN’s streaming servers are tied mainly to locations, and not to specific libraries or services. Thus, there are reliable entry points for France, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Australia and North Africa.

Guaranteed access to the most popular social networks, online games and torrents is organized according to the same principles.

There are no locations with advanced protection (for example, with MultiHop technology).

Write A Review Performance VPNs Android Ip Address Free VPN

The free version limits the data transfer speed, although in certain free locations you can get about 30-40 Mbit/s.

The premium tariff allows you to remove speed restrictions and promises an increase of up to 10 times. But in practice, everything is a little more complicated.

This is what the results of real measurements looked like with a channel capacity of 150 Mbit/s (for an automatically selected “smart location”):

It is worth noting that with a free connection, the latency time (ping) reached 100-140 ms, while with premium access the figure decreased by almost half.

The actual ping to the same location is about 50-60 ms (without VPN). With VPN iTop enabled, the ping increases to 80-90 ms. For certain tasks, for example, online games, such a delay can be critical.

The drop in speed relative to real throughput is frustrating – a maximum of 60-80 Mbit/s. On the one hand, this is also quite good, this channel width is enough for almost any task, from streaming to downloading torrents. But there are also “faster” VPNs on the market that can deliver almost maximum speed (140+ Mbit/s for a channel with a width of 150 Mbit).

This is what a measurement looks like in the format “virtual position in St. Petersburg” + a request to the server from the same location (Rostelecom data center in St. Petersburg):

speed has not crossed the 100 Mbps threshold

Ping has improved, but the speed has not crossed the 100 Mbps threshold.

When carrying out any real measurements, it is necessary to take into account many factors, in particular, the current load of the VPN server, its connection channel, the data transfer protocol and encryption protocol used, features of the Internet route, restrictions of the local Internet provider, etc.

Therefore, specifically for your tasks and location, Review Itop VPN Service can give completely different results.

Overall, the performance of the service is not bad, but there is room for improvement. We were unable to achieve a tenfold increase in speed.

Itop VPN Offers Security (anonymity) Safe to Use

iTop Inc. officially registered in Hong Kong. De jure it is the territory of China, but de facto it is a free economic zone. This was done specifically to ensure business resistance to various types of sanctions.

Previously, iTop was under the jurisdiction of Panama. In many sources, iTop is mentioned as a partner of IOBit, but based on the level of service and range of services, it is consistently guessed that iTop is part of the IOBit business, simply qualitatively separated in order to avoid possible legal risks and consequences.

That is why no one can say with certainty where exactly the company will be re-registered in the future. But we can definitely say that the company has resources, and they are more than sufficient for further growth and prosperity.

A study of the official privacy policy and terms of use of the VPN service showed that there is nothing criminal about them. iTop VPN really does not keep logs and does not collect any unnecessary information about its clients – only what is needed to make payments and for effective marketing.

However, there is no mention on the site of adherence to the rules from the “Testimony of the Canary”. Plus, it is not directly stated anywhere that special servers without hard drives are used. The official rules of iTop say that in the event of direct requests from law enforcement agencies, the company will be forced to comply and give them everything it has (technically, this should be data on the time of VPN use and payment details – nothing more).

Technical Support Best VPN

The official technical support service works around the clock, but through a ticket system (appeals through a special form on the website).

Another format is also available for clients from the Russian Federation: a chat in a Telegram channel or personal correspondence with a service representative in Russian (however, there is rarely a representative online).

The help section is written in English, but using a special menu the information can be quickly translated into Russian (built-in online translator).

Support in the ticket system responds slowly and sometimes simply ignores requests. Which, without a doubt, works towards the negative when it comes to business reputation.

Pricing policy (subscription tariffs)

The free tariff involves a limitation on the number of locations (6 countries and a number of special services), speed and volume of traffic (no more than 700 MB per day), some options for setting up client programs are not available (in particular, there is no auto-connection to VPN, no ad filtering and etc.)

iTop VPN Review 2023 - 100% Free VPN, How Safe Is It

Official premium subscription for the global version of the service:

  • 1 month – $11.99.
  • 6 months – $27.99 (works out to $4.66/month).
  • 1 year – $39.99 (works out to $3.33/month).

Special offer for the Russian Federation:

  • Six months – 29.99 (4.99 $/month).
  • 2 years – 49.99 (2.08 $/month).
  • 3 years – 57.99 (at 1.61 $/month).

Return guarantee – 30 days.

From Russia, subscriptions can be paid using QIWI wallets.

Separate password manager – from $24.99/year.

Pros of iTop VPN

  • There is a functional free VPN version available, with a daily updated traffic limit and a sufficient selection of locations.
  • The premium version has no restrictions on locations or the amount of transmitted traffic, and provides access to advanced settings and services.
  • 100+ locations, 1800+ servers on the network.
  • Special servers are provided for access to streaming platforms, online games and social networking sites.
  • Unlimited torrents (also on special servers).
  • Payments are accepted using QIWI wallets.
  • Some of the most affordable prices on the market (for a 3-year subscription from the Russian Federation).
  • Automatic selection of the best server.
  • A wide range of auxiliary products (independent programs for different platforms and tasks).
  • 30 days of moneyback without additional conditions.
  • Built-in tracker and ad blocker.
  • Integrated options to improve privacy (auto-clear history of different browsers and manage unsafe system settings).
  • Split tunneling for individual sites and applications.
  • Protection against DNS leaks, Kill Switch, work with IPv6, etc.
  • Static and dynamic IP addresses at no extra charge.
  • Technical support in Telegram in Russian.

Cons of iTop VPN

  • There is no support for Linux systems (even in plans).
  • No more than 5 devices per subscription.
  • There is no possibility of anonymous payment using cryptocurrencies.
  • Free servers are often overloaded.
  • The service periodically gets blocked and may remain unavailable for some time (applies to work in the Russian Federation).
  • The best prices are only available when paying for a long period (3 years).
  • Extremely poor documentation.
  • Technical support responds slowly or does not respond at all.
  • The password manager (with a built-in service for detecting personal data leaks) is supplied as an independent product.
  • Not the most favorable jurisdiction (Hong Kong, which belongs to China).

Analogs and alternatives to iTop VPN

There are not so many high-quality VPN services with free access left on the Russian market. Plus, iTop VPN has low prices for premium and can be paid with Russian bank cards. Therefore, the following providers can be considered as the main competitors:

Atlas VPN is a serious foreign VPN service operating under the wing of the large international holding company Nord Security. More than 750 servers on the network, full unlimited devices in one subscription, built-in ad blocker and free monitoring of personal data leaks. There is a free plan, but with mandatory account registration. Adequate prices for premium, you can pay from the Russian Federation.

Planet VPN has one of the most interesting free connection conditions on the market (no registration required, 5 locations to choose from, no traffic limits). There are also high-quality premium services. 1200+ servers, 60 countries, up to 10 devices per account, payment in rubles, technical support in Russian.

Whoer VPN is a small but functional VPN service from a Russian-speaking team. The trial tariff lasts a whole year, involves a speed limit and access to only one location. Premium tariffs are more expensive than iTop VPN, but you can pay for your subscription in a large number of ways, including anonymous cryptocurrencies and popular electronic money in Russia (UMoney or QIWI).

Compared to its competitors, it turns out that iTop has something to brag about, but also something to work on.

iTop VPN Review Uncovering the Truth Behind This Popular VPN


Review Itop VPN Service is a product that will be of interest primarily to those who are looking for adequate conditions for free service. Plus, iTop VPN has very interesting premium prices for the RU segment (the price differs from offers for other markets).

However, the overall impression of the quality of this VPN service is rather negative. It depends on a large number of little things, for example, an opaque privacy policy, not the best jurisdiction, a strange Android application that is not listed on the official website and has a link to a competitor’s privacy policy, disparate software products supported by an actual third-party company (partner), technical support , which practically does not respond to requests, etc.

All this can encourage you to choose a more expensive, but better VPN. For more info visit its official website.


What is iTop VPN?

Review Itop VPN Service is a virtual private network service that allows users to secure their internet connections, ensuring privacy and anonymity while browsing.

When was iTop VPN established?

iTop VPN was established in 2016.

Where is iTop VPN legally registered?

Review Itop VPN Service is legally registered in Hong Kong.

What are the key features of iTop VPN?

iTop VPN offers a range of features including access to Western streaming services, bypassing regional website blocking, downloading content, ad blocking, private chats, and more.

How does iTop VPN provide access to Western streaming services?

iTop VPN provides access to Western streaming services through special caching VPN servers, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted streaming.

Can iTop VPN bypass regional website blocking?

Yes, iTop VPN has the capability to bypass regional website blocking, allowing users to access content that may be restricted in certain geographical areas.

What encryption standards does iTop VPN use?

Review Itop VPN Service employs the ChaCha20 encryption algorithm, known for its high performance and resistance to brute force attacks.

How does split tunneling work in iTop VPN?

Split tunneling in iTop VPN allows users to choose specific applications or websites to bypass the VPN connection, providing flexibility in managing internet traffic.

Is registration required to use iTop VPN?

No, Review Itop VPN Service offers a registration-free connection, allowing users to explore the capabilities of the VPN client without creating an account.

What additional security measures does iTop VPN offer?

Review Itop VPN Service provides various security measures including Kill Switch, protection against DNS leaks, browser history clearing, and options to disable potentially risky system settings.

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